Savills office management

Apointed by BB Contracts to take over and manange a Savills office, new build in Canary Warf, Project involved many hours but finished on time.


Kitchen Refurbishment

The job was completed in Dalston, in a better part of Hackney, I like to think as all the residents are very friendly.

The Kitchen

Carole asked us to go and give her some ideas and a quote for refurbishing her kitchen.

The project costed around £8K for labour plus a beautiful german kitchen at £16K, so a total of £24K.

The area was small so somethimes was a chalange for some of the guys, but a great success when finished.



Morrisons Southend

Have been approched by Longcross a large contracting company to manage a Morrisons local project and get our team to do the fit-out flooring, partitions, decorations, ceilings and carpentry.

Project outcome

The project was a success despite delays caused by glazers and tabaco kiosk suppliers.



Word of mouth

Clients in dalston seem to come on and on.

New Kitchen

This time one of tenants, Dan asked his lanlord to change the kitchen as it was quite dated.


The same things as always, some rewiring, new units, new floor, plastering and decorations.Was a good project, nice finish.